In my room, there is always mess everywhere. I am always looking for storage boxes and containers to keep my things tidy. I was excited when this arrived in the post from The website is great and they offer such a fabulous range of products, from storage to houseware and gifts.

My favourite part is the fact I can store my most worn rings on the top. The organiser is great for jewellery, keys, make up etc, anything you want to keep tidy. It can be found here and the size is mentioned. It is small enough to have on the side without taking up too much room but at the same time it is big enough to be able to store a variety of products in. 

As you can see it can be used all stacked parallel or they can easily be swivelled around for easy access to the compartments.

Its a wot also have other great storage solutions like this which can be used to store ties/ scarves etc. It is definitely worth having a look at their products!

Sarah x

I recently came across 2true in my local Superdrug. They have a great range of affordable cosmetics. The lipsticks are £1.99 each and I think they are great quality for this price!

From top to bottom:

Colour drench lipstick shade 6

Glossy wear lipstick shade 5

Matte lipstick shade 2

Matte lipstick shade 6

The colour drench range are very creamy and easy to apply. I think the shade I used would suit most people as it is a very nude shade with a rich formula. The glossy wear shade I tried was almost glittery as well as being glossy, it applied evenly and looked like I was wearing a sheen gloss but it wasn’t stick at all.

The matte lipsticks are very well pigmented. I love the shade 6 as it is a beautiful almost berry colour and shade 2 is a lovely barbie pink. I plan on getting my hands on some more shades and as they are so affordable there is no reason not to stock up on more 🙂

Sarah x

I am forever trying new make up and was very happy to receive these w7 products to try. This is the first time I have tried any of their range and I am very impressed!

The lip butter is AMAZING. It feels like a lipsyl but gives the coverage of a lipstick. It is highly pigmented but at the same time it feels so moisturising. The mascara was easy to use, I only used two coats and it left my lashes looking long and thick without clumping. 

Trying to have foundation free days to improve my skin, so wearing a bold lip product and eye make up helps me feel a bit more acceptable going out in public.

The eye shadow shades I used were all from the top row. The top left I used just on my brow bone to help define my eyebrows. The middle shade I used in the inside corner to brighten my eyes and the second from the right I used on my lids. This shade is slightly glittery and would be great for everyday wear or to go out. You can layer the shades easily and apply a small amount or a larger amount depending what look you are going for. I have gone for the subtle look by next time may add in more colour!

Sarah x

I always love a good pamper evening, and after having a bath, a face mask and hair mask, the next thing to do is a pedicure. Last night I applied sofspa cream and then put on my pedi-sox before bed. 

The cream felt very rich and nourishing and I only applied a small amount. It is great not only for feet but also hands and pesky dry elbows. The great thing about the socks is that you can put them on after applying the cream and you still have access to your toes if you want to paint your toe nails! The socks help the product to be absorbed into your feet overnight and you will wake up with the softest feet ever if you use both of the above!

Both products can be purchased here. You can receive 20% off using code BLOGGER20

Sarah x

*PR samples

So this was my first time trying a Rodial product and I was very impressed! I was sent the eye pen and eye sculpt to try out and both were extremely easy to use.

As you can see below, the eye sculpt is a lovely smokey brown shade and the eye pen is in black. Black eyeliner is always a go to product and I love how easy this one glides on, it is almost a creamy texture. The eye sculpt can be used by itself as an eyeshadow or can be used to help define the eye along with other products.

The product was easy to apply as an eyeshadow, using the Rodial eye sculpt bush, the brush was very soft to use and applied the product evenly across the lid, I then used the remaining product to push up more towards my brow bone to create a more blended look. I will definitely be using these again and I have heard great things about their primer which I think I might have to buy!

Sarah x