I am totally in love with my new phone case from Mr Nutcase

Their website is so easy and simple to follow, it only took about 5-10 mins to create my new case online and order it. It arrived in only two days and I was so impressed that it could be made to my specification and delivered in such a short space of time! Especially as there was free shipping 🙂

It was easy to design as there are lots of templates to choose from. You can then import pictures from Facebook, Instagram or your PC. I chose all of mine from my Facebook and opted for all photos of myself and my other half in the shape of a heart as you can see below

As well as importing pictures you can change the background colour and add words or clip art. I chose not to add these as didn’t want it look too “busy” but it would have been great to add text if your design had less pictures or was just one larger photo.

I might get another one printed 🙂

Sarah x

I always love new releases, especially from Benefit! The new puff off is a smoothing eye gel that eliminates puffiness as the name “puff off” states.

It’s so easy to apply and I absolutely love their design of the “ironing” tip that irons out puffiness and fine lines.

This is a fab product to use in the morning under your make up. When you first apply it you can instantly feel the cooling sensation and it makes you look far more awake! Great if you have had a late night or need extra help in the morning! 

It glides on effortlessly and soon soaks into your skin leaving a fresh and wide awake appearance under your eyes.

This product is going to be launched throughout the UK on the 31st January so I feel super lucky to be sent this to try before it is even released! 

It has a massive thumbs up from me. The packaging is great, it’s easy to apply but most importantly it actually works!

Sarah x

I was lucky enough to be sent a mascara from my friend Heidi that she really wanted me to try. Heidi is a fab makeup artist and has started selling some great products. She was telling me about this new mascara she’s been using and it sounded so good I wanted to try it too!

For me, there is ALWAYS the want and need for longer looking lashes. This mascara has made mine look crazy! They honestly look longer and thicker than my lashes used to look when I had eyelash extensions.

The best thing about this mascara is it’s natural based and the fibres are 100% green tea fibres. It is suitable for contact lens wearers and doesn’t smudge on your glasses! It is simple and easy to use. It comes in a case which is great to keep the products together in your bathroom cabinet or in your make up bag.

You can see in the first picture I have no eye make up on, in the second I have normal mascara on that I wear daily and in the third picture I am wearing this amazing mascara from Younique.

It is applied as a two step process where you use the transplanting gel and the natural fibres. The gel attaches the fibres to your lashes to give them an amazing false lash effect look! It is great as you build it up with each coat, so if you require more on the outer corners then it is easy to achieve.

You can buy it online here for £23 and it is really worth it! 

Sarah x

Colorsport products have been around for a while, I used to use their eyelash dye when I was a lot younger but I never really had a chance to try any of their other products. I was very excited when this kit* arrived at my house 🙂

I am trying really hard to grow my brows back as I plucked them way too much when I was younger and with my wedding in six months I want to look my best! I couldn’t wait to try this product.

The set itself is so cute. It includes three powders, a mirror, tweezers, an angled brush and a blending brush. It is perfect to carry around in your bag or to have in your bathroom cabinet. My eyebrows are all over the place. I haven’t plucked them in months as I am trying to grow them so it is hard to shape them and make them look nice without having to pluck at them. Using these products was so simply and easy and I managed to make my eyebrows look very bold and It worked well with the brows I currently have without having to reshape them with tweezers.

You can see my results below:

My look was created by using a mixture of the two darkest shades. Some days I fancy natural brows and other days I go for a bold look, so with this kit you can mix the colours and easily achieve whatever look you are going for. I will definitely be buying some of their other products to try!

Sarah x

I don’t usually blog about food but I have decided I want to branch out into this field as before now I have only really focused on beauty and fashion, I also have a passion for sweets, chocolate and biscuits!

I have a few packs of Border biscuits I have tried recently that I want to share my thoughts about. I wasn’t too sure what kind of pictures to post? Pictures of the packets? Biscuits on a plate? Me eating a biscuit? Haha.

The first ones I tried were the raspberry and white chocolate bliss. These are pleasantly crumbly. the sweetness of the chocolate is balanced well with the tartness of the raspberry. I could easily sit and eat the whole pack at once! These are sweet but not sickly.

Next up were the yogurt, cranberry and pumpkin seed crumbles. My favourite thing about these are they are advertised as “Made with 43% oats, yogurt, fruit and seeds” so they are healthy for me but still taste great! The biscuit is very crisp and I love the contrast in textures between the cranberry and pumpkin seeds. Topped with slightly sour yogurt, a perfect blend!

Sarah x

*PR sample