Printkick are a company that provide branded marketing products mostly to businesses, however, they often do personalised things for birthdays, promotions and weddings etc.
“Printkick is a platform enabling customers to configure, price and quote on a huge range of personalised products instantly – including print options, without the need for the back-and-forth with a salesperson. It’s simple, efficient and transparent – just how it should be.

We’ve streamlined the entire buying process, from receiving visuals and proof images, to signing off and paying securely. Make repeat orders with the click of a button. All your order history, artwork and information is stored within your account.

We’re using our 20+ years of experience as a promotional products supplier ​to source effectively, print great products and provide a seamless customer experience.” –

You can literally get anything personalised from bluetooth speakers, pens, notebooks, coasters, cables. It would really help a business to get promotional items like these to spread the word.

Their products are really great quality too. I am so surprised at how good the speaker is, so powerful for a small unit!

Sarah x

Decking can make a beautiful addition to any home and garden. If you are considering whether the final product is worth the time, effort and money, this article will list some reasons behind getting the work done.

Once you realise what a worthwhile investment one is, you may well consider adding decking to your home. Finding someone trustworthy to do it for you can be a deal breaker. Timber decking Melbourne residents get from Market Timbers have the best finish and quality.

First things first however, if you are still on the fence then here are some great reasons as to why you’ll want to consider decking.

7 Reasons To Get Decking Installed

Decking is one of those things you don’t think you need until you have it. Soon, you will discover all the benefits and how instrumental it will be in making the most of your garden and home.

1. Home square footage increases – The amount of liveable areas in your home will only increase its market value and make your home more comfortable to live in. Decking achieves this without extensive building work having to be done so you get the benefit of an extra room without any walls.

2. Increases appeal – It’s a great remodelling project you can do to your home that makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

3. It can be as affordable as you wish – Decking doesn’t have to break the bank. There are so many options and types of decks available that you can find one to fit your budget.

4. More space for you and the family – A deck can become a hub of activity in the house. From hosting BBQs to arranging play dates for your kids, you will find boundless uses for your new decking.

5. Plenty of creative scope – When you start looking into the types of decking available you will soon see the world is your oyster when it comes to designs. With so many types of woods, styles, shades and textures you are bound to find designs that fit with your vision. You can also consider how much maintenance you want to do by choosing easier materials to work with.

6. Privacy – Decks can also help enhance privacy and clearly set out the spaces of your home. Once you get the right fences in place, you will have your own safe haven to relax and unwind in.

7. Great for entertainment purposes – Whether you have friends or family around, the deck is a great place for meals, drinks and games. You will spend time creating fantastic memories with your loved ones with the garden as your backdrop.

There are countless things a deck is good for but these are just a few reasons to consider building one onto your home.

Sarah x

Here she goes again, banging on about vegan snacks haha. I actually think I am on some sort of quest to try every new vegan snack I come across! sell a great range of protein bars, snacks and powders depending on your preference. It is a worry when eating a vegan diet that you are not consuming enough protein that you used to get from meat but in fact if you eat a balanced diet you can easily get the correct amount but there are a lot of protein based products to help you, especially if you work out.

I have used powders before but something that caught my eye was the snack bites. Sometimes i don’t always want a whole protein bar but I want something small to have. I got the Chocolate brownie protein snack bites. they do a lot of other flavours too.

“Just like an ordinary snack that you are accustomed to eating, such as a chocolate biscuit or a packet of crisps, a protein snack is a small item of food that you may eat between meals. However, the benefits of a protein filled snack are so much better than a biscuit or cake. Protein helps you to feel fuller for much longer than a carb-based snack alone. Plus our vegan snack bites, cubes and flapjacks contain fibre so you won’t feel hunger until your next meal. Not only that they contain all-natural ingredients, and natural sugars from fruit to provide all the energy you’ll need to get you through the day.” –

Do any of you have protein based snacks?

Sarah x

A couple of candles I have been loving recently are from They have such a great range of aromatherapy oils and scents they pretty much have something to suit any ones taste.

“Anuuk Aromatic is a small independent company offering a selection of luxury aromatherapy products made with natural essential oils and other plant materials. The product range currently includes natural soy wax scented candles, essential oil blends and individual essential oils. We are also happy to create bespoke fragrances and and personalised products. “-

I got the Opulence in the classic size and the Decadence in the mini size. The classics are £65 each and the minis are £35 each which I think is a good price considering how high quality they are and how strong the scent is. You can tell they have been made with care and a lot has been put into the brand. I hate nothing more than buying a scented candle and burning it, only to find it looses the scent. These ones keep the scent strong the whole way through and last forever!


The scent: Fresh lavender fields, gentle breeze, herbal garden

The energy: calming, relaxing, connecting


The scent: Exotic flowers and fruits, hot sand and burning sun

The energy: Uplifting, energising, exciting

My favourite is definitely the opulence as lavender is my all time favourite scent anyway 🙂

I really love the packaging too, I don’t often see many candles in black jars, so this really attracted me to them. They come with a lid and ribbon too so would make a great gift. I could smell how lovely they were before I even opened the lids!

Sarah x

I received a box of the new Joy Fuel vegan range to try last week and I am hooked. They are really tasty! They are vegan and cold pressed gluten free protein squares. You can buy them online and they are made fresh and posted out to you. They have a three week shelf life as they are made from such fresh ingredients but that wasn’t a problem for me as they were gone within one week!

You can buy several different box options here and you can also subscribe if you want them regularly. You can save money if you choose this option too 🙂

The flavours are:

Blueberry maple pecan

Raspberry almond butter

Orange hazel maca

Lemon coconut

Peanut butter choc

Apricot ginger

Very berry

Triple choc cashew

So, pretty safe to say they have a wide variety!

My favourite has to be peanut butter choc as I love peanut butter ridiculous amounts. I never would have thought about having lemon and coconut together but it works so well. It is great they are all gluten free too as there are a lot of people with an intolerance and a lot of vegan products have it in.

I think since eating a vegan diet, it really has opened up my eyes to how many good for you snacks there are out there and I have been trying things I never would have before and I am really enjoying my food journey and trying all of these new vegan snacks and sharing my thoughts with you.

Sarah x