I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Soap & Glory advent calendar this year. At £40 I think this is a great price as it contains 24 products, making them less than £2 each and it is even better value if you buy it in the 3 for 2 offer in Boots! 😉

I wanted to show you the contents but there is not point me reviewing it on the 24th December once I have opened it all!

The calendar contains the following, some of them are in there more than once:

S&G clean on me pod 8ml
S&G clean on me pod 8ml
S&G rich & foamous body wash pod 8 ml
S&G rich & foamous body wash pod 8 ml
S&G sugar crush body wash pod 8ml
S&G sugar crush body wash pod 8ml
S&G mini scrub of your life 50ml
S&G mini righteous butter (flush) 50ml
S&G mini hand food 50ml
S&G mini heel genius 50ml
S&G mini one heck of a blot primer 15ml
S&G thick & fast HD mascara black 10ml
S&G mini gloss stick nudist 1.5g
S&G mini gloss stick pink-a-boo 1.5g
S&G mini matte stick choco-berry 1.5g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl smoulder 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl what a night (blue) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl foil in love (silver) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl grapevine (purple) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl cocoa bean (brown) 0.3g
S&G mini pillow plump clearvoyant 4ml
S&G mini pillow plump nude in town 4ml
S&G mini pillow plump pinkwell 4ml
S&G mini tweezers

I am really excited to have this to open throughout December 🙂

It is a great way to try more of their body products and make up too.

Sarah x

I LOVE discovering new brands, especially skincare brands. Embryolisse is a French skincare brand that have recently launched some new products and I wanted to share my thoughts with you:

The Intense Smooth Radiant Complexion cream (intense fatigue cream). This cream is both anti fatigue and anti ageing. As I am nearly 30 I want to start using products that prevent the signs of ageing before they become apparent. It is easy to try and prevent something than hide it once it has happened right?!

After using this cream my face felt tighter and my under eyes feel a lot more hydrated. This would be great to put on in the morning if you didn’t sleep too well or had a late night as it makes you look really refreshed.

The Creme Riche Hydratante is a great moisturiser to use morning or evening. This time of year my skin gets so dry from the weather and from having the heating on etc. It soaks in well and leaves your skin feeling hydrated.

The Lait-Creme Concentre Limited Paris Edition can be used as: Moisturiser, Primer, Make-up remover, Repairing masque or After-shave product. It is a great multi functional cream so can be great for anyone’s make up bag!

Sarah x

When picking a phone case it is important that not only it looks good but that it protects your phone and isn’t too bulky. This case from Flamingo London is very lightweight but provides great protection, whilst being thin enough that it doesn’t add too much height and width to the phone. Bulky cases are often awkward to fit in your jeans pocket so you really want one that is quite thin.

They have lots of different designs to pick from and marble seems to be on trend at the moment.

You don’t want to have to pick between the functionality and the look and with these cases you don’t have to sacrifice one.

For £10 I think it is great value and this particular design goes with everything 🙂

Sarah x

I never used to use facial oils, but over the last year or so I have realised how important they are in my skincare regime. There are lots of different oils out there and each one will cover a specific problem whether it is re balancing your skin or simply giving it a bit more moisture. The most important ones for me to use are a nourishing oil for the winter months when my face is extra dry, you can use these as well as a moisturiser. I also love re balancing oils that help my skin and help to combat my acne.

I have been using these two from Essentialle and I love them. I use them daily, depending on what one my skin needs more but I usually sway more towards the re balancing one if my acne is particularity bad.

I love the design of the bottles and it is easy to dispense how much is required.

The revival nectar nourishing face oil is great if your face is feeling a little dry. You can apply this before bed and by morning your face feels like it has been brought back to life and feels really hydrated and soft.

The remedy multi active re balancing oil is specifically designed for oily or problem skin. Before discovering oils I was always under the impression if you had oily skin that it was bad to use oils but I was so wrong. Since using a re balancing facial oil, my skin doesn’t get so oily!

I am very impressed by both of these oils and I am probably going to try some more products from this brand. They don’t test on animals which is great too 🙂

Sarah x

I recently got my hands on this awesome bag from Cabin Zero. Their range of bags are designed to be the perfect size for travelling and for taking as a carry on.

They have such a great range of bags with different capacities and different designs there is something for everyone!

This bag would be great if you were going away for a couple of days and didn’t want to check in a suitcase or even if you were travelling by car or train it would be ideal. I was so surprised how much I could fit in the bag!

I really like the camo print and I feel that all of their bags are unisex.

The bag is high quality and well made, with padded arm straps and lots of compartments/pockets. If you travel a lot with a friend/partner you could both get one in different colours 🙂

Sarah x