I wanted to tell you all about my new electric toothbrush. I kind of gave up with my last one and had been using a manual but wanted to try an electric again. My new one is from www.ubersonic.co.uk

The great thing about the toothbrush is that its sonic, high speed movement is tested to remove bacteria and plaque 7x more effectively than a regular toothbrush.

It works as a subscription service so that you can have new heads delivered to you regularly.

More details:

Start Pack £19

Uber Sonic Toothbrush & Free Gel teeth whitening with first refill pack.

Delivered 6x / Year

£9 / package
With 2 refills. Shipping is free.

I think it is a pretty good idea that you can get new heads regularly, as lets be honest who actually makes note of how often you should change things like this and actually remembers?!

It also came with a tooth whitening kit. I won’t use this myself as I have quite a few false teeth so cannot use whitening products but I am sure my husband will give it a go. It looks pretty easy to use though.

I think it is a great price and I am really enjoying using my new toothbrush.

Sarah x

I am a major fan of Lush and their bath products, mainly the snow fairy shower gel and their bath bombs. I recently decided to get a few of their skincare products to see how I got on as I had heard great things about them.

I ordered a few bits online and was also so grateful that they sent me some samples of other skincare products with my order too! I know if you go in store they will often give out samples, so was pleased I was able to get some with my online order.

I bought:

Ocean salt – face and body scrub

Mask of magnaminty – face and body mask

Tea tree water – toner water

Grease lightening – spot treatment

Celestial – facial moisturiser

I was sent samples of:

Tea tree water – toner water

Movis- facial soap

Vanishing cream – moisturiser

Ocean salt – face and body scrub

Cup o’ coffee – face and body mask

I have been using the products for a couple of weeks now and I am really impressed. My favourite is the mask of magnaminty as it leaves your face feeling so soft and clean.

Suffering with acne can be difficult but I think it’s helping me by using these natural products and I hope to see an improvement if I carry on using them.

I think anything with tea tree in is great for your face so this toner feels very fresh.

The spot treatment I have been using at night seemed to help calm the skin.

I think I may look into trying some more of their masks as even if I didn’t convert everything over to Lush I would want the mask of magnaminty in my usual skincare routine. I think even sometimes just changing one item can make a difference and for me I feel this is a must have for anyone with acne prone skin.

Have you tried any Lush skincare?

Sarah x

I have watched so many great series on Netflix and I am looking for some more great recommendations of either things on TV or Netflix.

My top 5 I am loving are:


Brooklyn nine nine

Big Bang theory

Stranger things

Pretty little liars

Have you seen any of the above? What are you hooked on right now?

Sarah x

After having some time off from blogging, I am back and will be posting regularly as I was before.

Sometimes it helps to have a break, even from something you really enjoy.

I have had such a busy time recently and had a lot going on that I just needed to take a step back and have some me time, as well spend time with my family.

Stay tuned..

Sarah x